Yamato is less than impressive

December 13, 2011 at 11:54 pm (Dining) (, )

Yamato is situated down quite a nice lane way in what can be considered a pretty ordinary Chinatown. The lane way may have drawn me to the end of the path into Yamato but I doubt I will ever make a return trip.

It’s Friday night and me and Mr P are hungry and I’m craving something that’s not dirty dumplings (our favourite Chinatown cuisine). We walk by Corrs Lane and Mr P thinks I’ll like this place. He has visited Yamato for Japanese food a long time ago and he tells me and the food was good.

The place is tiny and I find myself wedged between a wall and the couple next to us. Once seated, Mr P tells me that he notices that the owners have changed and are no longer Japanese family run but have been taken over by some Chinese folk (per observation). This doesn’t really bother me. A lot of Japanese places are run by folk not of Japanese background and the food still manages to taste good.

For entree, we ordered the Takoyaki balls. They are ordinary – nothing wrong with them but nothing particularly appetising either. For a serve of 4 octopus balls for $8 you’d expect it to be out of the world but it wasn’t.

Next, we had the pork belly with ginger sauce. The pork belly is quite finely sliced and comes with its fair share of fatty bits. I wouldn’t say that the meat is the best quality but the sauce is flavoursome and simple and for some reason reminds me of home style cooking that my mum could make for me. I guess it’s the simplicity of the sweet soy and ginger combo that makes me think that anyone could fry this up at home.

The Yamato Seafood arrived after our pork belly was finished and I’m not so sure why it took so long to arrive. The dish was uninspired,  bland and boring. The seafood was so scarce so that you could count the numbers on the plate. You could also tell that the seafood was not fresh but frozen. The dish was small. Actually, quite smaller than a normal serving size you’ll get anywhere else in this city. At $13.50 it wasn’t cheap either. The seafood was sprayed with a side of cocktail sauce… nothing special. We were very unsatisfied.

To top this off we paid over $2 each for a small bowl of rice each. It’s really not worth your money to eat here. It’s expensive and the serving sizes are small and the food is not on par with most other Japanese places in Melbourne. It’s not hard to find reasonably priced Japanese food so it’s a shame when as luck has it, the bad Japanese food finds us. Better luck next time.

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