Olympic Doughnuts @ Footscray

December 5, 2011 at 12:42 pm (Uncategorized)

I live in Richmond but haven’t been satisfied with the pho shops lining Victoria street. So, when the pho craving struck, we decided to trek across town to Footscray and try our luck with the pho there. I give a double thumbs up to the pho we had in footscray. Better than the ones I have had in Richmond and a lot like the ones in good old Cabramatta in Sydney.

Since we were already in Footscray, I suggested going to Olympic Doughnuts for dessert. Olympic Doughnuts are much talked about as being the best doughnuts in Melbourne and sell their flour balls out of a no frills campervan look-a-like. Located outside Footscray station and next to a big construction site, one would be excused for thinking it’s a too dodgy site for good doughnuts (or good anything), but don’t judge a book by it’s covers!

I didn’t think to fill Mr. P in about what to expect so poor Mr. P thought we were going to a cafe decked out with a lounge where we were going to chill with a latte and bask in a variety of desserts. He was a bit disappointed when he saw that it was basically a tin campervan selling one variety of doughnuts out of their back window.

Olympic Doughnuts

He was far from disppointed when he managed to sink his teeth into one of the famed dough balls. The doughnuts had a crispy outer, is dusted with sugar, a light and fluffy dough, and a liquid strawberry centre. The doughnuts were pumped with strawberry and dusted with sugar while we waited.

Big mouth

I was a bit disappointed at first that the strawberry filling wasn’t more jam like, but the strawberry liquid made it lighter and allowed me to eat more doughnuts – never a bad thing, right?

Strawberry filling

A set of 6 doughnuts set us back $4.90.

Olympic Doughnuts on Urbanspoon


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